Buffalo fiber Hats, socks, roving and Farm SpunYarn
Buffalo Fiber is
blended into
Icelandic wool For
the Farms Exotic
Blend of American
Grown Fiber.
$12.00 an 0z. for
$14.00 an 0z. for
Farm Spun Yarn.
Please call (or
e-mail) for
Discounts on
quantites over an
ounce so I can help
you make your
Buffalo project
affordable and fun!
Buffalo roving in one ounce rolls seen below & Farm Spun yarn
Yarns come in Light Brown, Dark
Brown, grays and some mixed
colors or call for samples.
Icelandic Sheep        
Shearing lambs 2012
Raw wool now available
This is Victoria ll  
Here she is selling her lambs
wool of 1 pound and 7
ounces for 20.00
This would make great
felting projects.
Victoria ll is so tame she will
lay right down while I shear her
so this is a stress free shearing
for her and the others that
become so tame and friendly
here on the farm.