Freshness of Products
How Long would you consider
keeping these items in your
refridgerator? Would you keep
them around 6 months? or a year?
Most of us buy these items on a
weekly basis to make sure they are
fresh. We would NOT consider
putting these items inside our
bodies if it isn't fresh.

Why then, do some people keep
skin care products around for over
a year and than think it is ok to put  
it on the Outside of their skin?

Experts say that even Mascara
should be thrown out after 6 weeks
to help avoid infection from
Darnit Char's Skin care products are made fresh.
In All Natural Skin Care Products, We do not use chemicals so the only
preservatives are natural.
Grapefruit Seed Extract, Watermelon seed extract, Grape seed
Extract, Rosemary leaf extract and Vitamin E oil.
Essential oils will help to preserve the products longer, they are not
preservatives. Although they have some Anti-Fungal properties, they
are  Actually ANTIOXITANTS, Which are wondeful for your skin and will
help delay deteriation of a product, they will not stop bacteria. Only a
chemical agent can do that.
However, there are natural items that can reduce the microbial
activity (such as essential oils) and can have some preservative
Technically, the following items are antioxidants and not
preservatives. Oxidation occurs when light and air hits oils and turns
them rancid. Antioxidants are designed to protect the oils from
spoiling and opening the door to other contaminants. This process
can not be stopped completely, but using an antioxidant considerably
slows down the process. Using an antioxidant will increase the shelf
life of natural products and are still safe for your skin. The top three
natural antioxidants used in natural skin care are listed below:
Rosemary Extract- Distilled from rosemary leaves, perhaps the most
effective of this antioxidants class. it is not the same as rosemary
essential oil.
Vitamin E - The oldest and most well known of all antioxidants.
Grapefruit Seed Extract- A newcomer to the natural preservative
category, It may be more powerful than Rosemary or Vitamn E in its
anti-fungal properties.
All of the Darnit Char's Products
are made here in small batches
to guarantee Freshness. If you
ever have a problem with a
product just send back the
unused container and I will
replace it.

I do not recomend keeping
products for over a year like
some customers have told me
they have done. I do not
guarantee freshness of a product
for that long of time.

I feel 6 months is long enough to
keep a product that you use on
your skin.

Now solid soaps will last much
longer and are completely safe
but with the creams and lotions it
is a wise idea to use it up before
6 months.