and your SHEEP!
...Use chives fresh in
salads, Chopped fresh
in Cottage cheese or
mixed in cheese
spreads.  Cook in
sauses (like you would
onions) Only add to
the sauses at the end
of your cooking time
so they don't wilt up.
Add fresh chives to top of
their hay.
GARLIC- Kills bacteria and
parasites. Enhances immunity
I'm not quite sure when my love of plants and
gardening started but growing up in the Thumb of
Michigans fertile farm land certainly had spoiled me.
We raised a beautiful garden with a variety of
vegetables every year, our only trouble  being the
summer hail stroms with high winds and occasional
When I moved to Norhtern Michigan I knew that
gardening would be a challenge but I never realized
just how different it would be.
At first I tried planting everything, like I did back
home. I was so excited to watch my first garden
sprouting up and then it happened....A frost! But not
just any frost, This was a frost in JUNE. I was heart
sick to see all my work gone in one night,
( and Did you know that porcupines like young
tender shoots in a garden?After chasing one out of
the garden one day I learned a few things from my
Northern gardening experience, porcupines are not
all nocturnal and they can't really THROW  their
quills!   Oh,by the way, Chasing a porcupine is a
slow process since they really don't run, They
Well they didn't have the  windstroms,heavy rain
and tornados up here in the North Country like I was
used to growing up.There Certainly were other
obstacles though and it took a couple seasons to
learn some creative gardening skills.   Trying to out
smart the critters up here and "Jack frost" has been
a learning experience so I will try to pass on some
helpful tips and information  that I have learned.
Alliaceae- Onions,Garlic,Leeks and Chives
belong to this family.
The characteristic onion and garlic smells
are caused by ALKYL SULPHIDES which
are found throughout the genus allium and
in other genera of the alliaceae such as
The cellular antioxidant SELENIUM is another
constituent found in the ALLIUM vegetables
and their extracts. The antitumor effects
claimed for selenium may be based on it's
ability to replace the sulphur in the amino acid
1-cystine. Leukemic white blood cells have a
rapid turnover of 1-cystine, a similar amino
acid,and by substituting selenium for
sulphur,leukemia can be suppressed,in
ONIONS-have a powerful
flavonoid quercetin and a host of
sulfur compounds. They have
some potassium,vitamin C, and B
vitamins,kill germs,help your
heart,and fight cancer.Plus they
add great flavor and a pleasant
aroma to almost any dish.
Garlic and our SHEEP
I have been adding garlic to the
flocks diet for three years now
and have noticed quite a
difference. I had coughing
sheep one summer that
stopped after I started using the
garlic. I also had a ewe my first
summer get down due to the
heat and selenium problems.I
had been giving her double the
amounts of garlic the next year
and she hasn't had any
problems since.. Also a ram
with a runny eye and nose
cleared up in 2 days of garlic
This is also a natural parasite
control. Aids in anemia and
builds blood cells.
I use the chopped garlic found
in the produce section of the
grocery store.  about 1/2 cup
per about 8 sheep.   mixed in
just enough corn to trick the
sheep into eating it. It doessn't
take much corn at all.
I also use this natural Fly
control for my horses and  
For my Horse I put about a
tablespoon on top of her
sweetfeed daily. My dogs each
get a tablespoon mixed in their
food. This has really made a
difference. I don't
see the
flies around the horse and
mosquitos don't bother the
dogs anymore.
This is also very healthy for
Garlic kills intestinal parasites
and worms,as well as
gram-negative bacteria so
when I started milking  sheep
this was an alternative to the
chemical wormers.  You may
smell the garlic on your sheep
but this
DOES NOT effect the
taste of your milk, butter or
Remember, If you can smell
this odar....So can the flies
and Mosquitos.
CARROTS- also contain a compound that kills
This is another crop that grows well up in the
north country with our sandy soil.
I plant several rows of carrots each spring they
tollerate the cool temps. By fall they are ready
for the sheep. They also keep well right in the
ground.I harvest some and then I cover a few
rows with straw. We get so much snow in the
garden spot that I can go out and dig down and
pull out fresh carrots anytime. Of course we
have had snows that were several feet deep
and the carrots had to wait until spring. To my
amazement they did fine and were not froze.
They are a nice fresh treat for the horses and
sheep in april or may if I can find them through
the snow.
PUMPKINS are also loved by the sheep and the
seeds aid in digestion and parasite control.         
Easy to grow in a hole of well rotted sheep
manure, plant early and they will be up before
the last frost so make sure you cover their new
little leaves.They need this time, so they can
rippen by the  first frost.
The human benefits- Eases arthritis, protects
heart, protects prostate, lowers cholesterol
What you once thought to
be a pesky weed invading
your lawn, might send you
out digging the little plants
for a cure to mastitis for you
sheep.....Like it did me!
Natures Antibiotic
Coming soon, the healing
benefits of Molasses,
Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper,
Peppermint and many
more herbs you may
already have in you