of this special breed
The Breed has both polled and horned
individuals of both sexes.
Medium Size-with mature Ewes
weighing 132-160 lbs. and Rams weigh
198-220 lbs.
Naturally Short Tails-Eliminates
the need for docking.
Lambs-are born small which is
understandable since the normal
gestation is 142 days, 5 days shorter
than the average North American breed.
Lambs are incredibly vigorous, getting on
their feet within minutes of birth and
nursing. Usually the first of twins has
nursed before the second one is born.
Healthy Ewes will improve their
production every year until they are about
five years old when they reach a plateau
that will last four or five years by which
time production should be expected to
Ewes are Seasonal Breeders-
beginning to come into heat in late
October. They will continue cycling until
May if not bred, but seldom breed
naturally during the summer. Rams
appear to be sexually active year round.
The lambs reach breeding maturity early,
Ewes commonly lambing at 11-12 months
of age.The Ram lambs can start breeding
at 7-8 months of age.
The most eye catching aspect of these sheep is the
incredible variation of colors in the breed.
Seventeen colors and patterns include Snow White,
Black, Cream, Taupe, Browns (called moorit) in all
shades, Badgerfaces, Mouflons  and all shades of grey.
"Jacob" "Tyrone" "Jeffery"  "Arron" "Joseph" "Napolean" "Issac-Hayes" and "Levi"