The beginning of the "Farm Experience"
After a couple years of researching sheep and acquiring a
couple Polypays that ended in disaster and then my special
Suffolk Wether that I got to supply my need for quilt batts, I
decided to look farther into a good wool breed that would supply
my need for a high quality yarn and the perfect "FELTING" fleece,
I discovered the Icelandic Breed.
      I had been to a few farms and inquired with some other
shepherds but always went away a little discouraged to say the
least,Until I met Laurie and Daryl at "The Lavender Fleece" in
Midland, Michigan. I will refer to their farm a few times on this
website because they have been so kind and generous to me
starting out in this new venture. I was almost ready to give up
when we decided to visit the Lavender Fleece farm.
     Now having animals all my life and growing up in a farming
community "In the Thumb" of Michigan,  I have to say how
Impressed with the CLEANLINESS of this Icelandic farm. It was
the early spring of the year and it was still a pleasure to walk
around. The sheep were clean and very healthy looking. After
being greeted by some of the sheep themselves, I was sold on
this Clean, neat Icelandic farm with all the beautiful colors of
sheep. I like the natural colors of fiber. I thought to myself, with
all this color, I wouldn't have to dye wool anymore. (My mind was
racing with ideas.)
      Laurie was so helpful  and to her, No question was a dumb
question. Her dedication to quality was obvious and I decided
not to look any farther. We talked sheep for many months and it
was so exciting when the Lavender Fleece baby lambs started
    I put my trust in Lauries experience and knowledge and let
her put together a starter flock. She is truly dedicated to this
special breed and like the Lavender Fleece claims in their
website, they really do take the time in the After purchase
training and support help. This meant a lot to me after the few
years I had spent searching for just a few baby lambs for the
farm. I'm not the type, to just jump into something without the
proper research and a persons "ATTITUDE" means everything to
me, but I do have to say now looking back it was well worth the
wait to discover a friendly Shepherd and the Icelandic Breed of
 Thanks "Lavender Fleece"