Fresh From the Farm Foot Treatment
FOOT BALM is a rich and creamy balm perfect to massage
into feet and heels to keep skin soft and supple.
better if you can get someone else to rub it into your tired
.   A clean fresh mint scent of essential oils to heal
cracks comes in
a 1 oz. jar for $6.95
Same product as below. I now make and package the
same. I have had so much feed back on the healing of this
foot balm and the many uses that I am now calling it" Extra
rich body balm"
( Uses called in from people using it on Burns,Diaper rash,
cracked fingers in the winter, terrible cracked and rough
heels and sore toes.)
It is very rich but soaks in skin and doesn't leave you
feeling greasy. Made with shea butter, almond oil, Sheeps
Milk, Grapefruit seed oil for a natural preservative,
Watermelon seed oil, Grape seed oil, Coconut oil, citric acid
from fruit, Mint essential oil for healing of damaged skin.
Extra Rich Intensive Body Balm - This is a rich and creamy
balm perfect for those extra dry and itchy areas,cracked
hands, sore fingers from winters harsh conditions.
A clean fresh healing  mint scent
Only comes in  a 1 oz . jar for $6.95
LIP PROTECTION - Try natural chap stick for sun protection -
made with mango butter which has a high content of stearic
acid,  making it similar to cocoa butter. It has good emolliency
and lends a protective effect against the SUN. It is said to prevent
drying of the skin and formation of wrinkles. It reduces
degeneration of skin cells and restores flexibility. Flavors:  
"Honey" "Chocolate Cream Pie" and "Mocha"Â Â Â (a wonderful
choc/coffee flavor made with real coffee bean oil.)
Ingredients: almond, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil,
mango butter   $3.50 per tube      New PEACH flavor too!
Large 2 oz.Jar $ 8.95
Med.  1 oz.Jar $ 6.95
Small Sample size 1/2 oz. Jar is $ 4.50
Chamomile Face Cream
a wonderful night cream but also light
enough to wear in the mornings under
your make up.
This cream also has Sheeps milk and
watermelon seed oil to help reduce fine
lines in a natural way that is safe for your
delicate skin.
olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil
vitamin E
All Natural Skin Care Products. Gentle
enough to use on all skin types and
made from the sheeps Milk.
One of the nicest things about
using the Icelandic Sheeps Milk
is that it doesn't leave a foul
oder as the soap ages like some
other Milk products.
Another great foot treatment for uses on
dried cracked heels or elbows or
summers sandle feet. I cook the soap
righ inside the loofah sponge and let it
cure for a wonderful exfoliating
experience.                     $5.25 Each
Sheeps Milk Loofah Sponge
Sheeps Milk Lotion- Comes in large 8 Oz. Bottle $9.95
                                                           4 Oz. Bottle $6.95
Original Scent- a clean mild creamy scent like the
Sheep soap with a hint of honey (no additives)
Chamomile- like the face cream and Chamomile soap
this has a gentle clean light relaxing scent.
Sheep Milk Shampoo and Conditioner
Made with Sheep Milk and herbal protiens,extracts  and
Oils.    $7.50 Each for 8oz. Bottle
      Natural Original Scent and Ginger Scent