All Natural Skin Care Products. Gentle enough to use
on all skin types and made from the sheeps  milk.
The reason sheeps Milk  and
Goats Milk products are so
good and soothing to your
skin is it's the closest to our
human PH levels; it leaves
skin feeling clean,soft and
healing from any skin
irratations such as; excema,
rashes of any kind such as,
diaper, sun irratation, shaving
Cleopatra knew the secret of
Milks' healing properties. One
of her beauty secrets was
taking milk baths; history tells
us she used Donkeys milk.
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Milk Baths
"Taking Joy in life is a woman's best Cosmetic".
                                      Rosalind Russell
"If you obey the rules you miss all the fun"
                              Katharine Hepburn